A key appointment: The Assembly of the Global Campaign for Education

A key appointment: The Assembly of the Global Campaign for Education

  • Posted: Jan 22, 2015 -
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The Global Campaign for Education (GCE), celebrated its World Assembly from the 23th to the 26th February. The Assembly, that unites all member of this international network every three or four years, allows these organizations to reflect about their achievements and challenges in the fight for the right to education.

Furthermore, this time they have ellaborated various recommendations for the new Sustainable Development Agenda, that will be approved in September, highlighting the important role of education.

February 23th in Johannesburg (South Africa) started the First Day of the World Assembly that sponsored the Public Forum 2000- 2030 Right to Education, where all members and allied of the global Campaign for Education of every corner of the planet met to discuss crucial and emerging topics in education, focusing on the progresses made and lessons learnt from 2000 to 2015, and in our goals as civil society for 2015-2030. The week closed with a two days Global Learning Event that united more than 50 education coalitions supported by the Civil Society Education Fund.

The Global Campaign for Education is the world greatest civil society movement that works to make the right to quality education reality for everyone. This Assembly is the government organ of the Global Campaign for Education that makes members of the movement reflect on our achievements and share the adquired knowledge during the previous period, discuss some current and emerging issues of world education and participate in the shared strategic planification for the following four years. As well as members of the Global Campaign for Education, the World Assembly welcomes other relevant actors in the education movement so that is why this is one of the most important international activists meeting in the education field.


The main issues discussed during the Assembly were the progress of the Global Campaign for Education as a civil society movement for the last four years; the analysis and approval of the Strategic Plan for the GCE for the 2015-2019 period; the apprecitacion and revision of the political position of the network. This time, those who were present were able to share their lessons learnt and work skills in a various topics and fields, and also the Directive Board of the Campaign and its presidency where designed.



The Global Campaign for Education  is an international coalition lead by NGOs, educative field unions, educative centers and social movements of very different sign. All of us agree in demand the whole commitment of the Dakar Summit (Senegal, 200), where the international community compromised itself to guarantee the access yto quality education for everyone before 2015. The Global Campaign for Education was born to highlight this valuable, necessary and international commitment. Therefore, its goal is to mobilise the citizenship to make them demand their governments and the international community to accomplish their promises and become responsible of the destiny of million of people that are deprived from the right to education.