Little daily miracles and the right to education

Little daily miracles and the right to education

  • Posted: Jun 05, 2015 -
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This entry has been written by Cecilia Villaroal, Entreculturas Fe y Alegría Fundation coordinator in Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

Valencia surprised us with a rainy day.

It is an important date because we are getting ready to participate in the SAME, which is the Semana de Acción Mundial por la Educación (Global Action Week for Education) celebrated on April 22nd in Valencia University.

Dozens of youngsters from educative centers, students, teacher along with NGOs that made up the GEC (Global Education Campaign) in Comunidad Valenciana1, start to settle in the Assembly Hall of the Philosophy and Education Sciences Faculty.

This year, under the slogan “Yo voto por la educación ¿y tú?” (I vote for education, and you?) teachers and students have been invited to think about the great challenge of how to advocate in the post 2015 Development Agenda.

The act will be the representation of a United Nations Assembly, whose protagonists will be the youngsters of some high schools from Valencia, as well as students of the University that will explain different situations about the right to education, in certain contexts and countries.

The session of the Assembly starts. The boys and girls who have been working with testimonies and cases of what is happening in Brasil, Senegal, Thailand and Finland stand up in the main set. This last country invites Argelia and the Palestinian people to join the podium because they have no official voice in the United Nations. These voices are pronounced specially to highlight what it means the lack to education access and its consequences, in the lives of people, or what it implies the difficulty of attending to school when the sound of the bombing is a constant in the daily life of boys and girls that even under these circumstances, try to play and learn.


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This spot that lights about the right to education in the last week of April since 12 years ago now in 120 countries, updates us and allow us to bring here and now, the 58 million boys and girls who still remain unschooled in the world.

From the WEC (Global Education Campaign) we share numbers, some improvements and still many challenges and commitments that have not been yet fulfilled and were taken over by more than 150 signing countries in the World Education Forum celebrated in 2000 in Dakar.

Through these years we have approached the Spanish society with a different slogan, with a look that might seem far but it is not, and it has found a connecting link currently, with the cut backs suffered in educative policies in our country.

For the next fifteen years, there is still a long way ahead to achieve the Education For All and it is the duty of the citizenship in its whole the ones who must look after its fulfillment.

But actually, what is happening when we look at a group of youngsters who have never been deprived from education but yet they mobilise, work and participate putting themselves in the “shoes of”, and feeling as if the y were in “other’s skin”, somewhere else, in other continent and situation, to defend that right they believe it is unavoidable? On the other hand, are we grown ups able to let ourselves be moved by such sensitive matters, the way they do?

Probably this is the demonstration that small daily miracles happen and they have youngster faces that face up to reality and to commitment, from a deep tenderness.


1.- The GEC in Comunidad Valenciana is conformed by : Ayuda en Acción, Educo, Fundación Por la Justicia, Fundación Mainel, Illewasi, Jóvenes y Desarrollo, Intered, Federación de Enseñanza de CCOO, Pau i Solidaritat, STEPV , Escoles Solidaries and Entreculturas.