Recommendations to Advocate for the Right to Education: GIAN’s Declaration

Recommendations to Advocate for the Right to Education: GIAN’s Declaration

  • Posted: Nov 15, 2016 -
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The 36th General Congregation concluded last Saturday and, although we still don’t know the exact contents of the decrees, we are certain that the delegates have made decisions that will concern the modus operandi of all the people who work nowadays on Jesuit works in order to offer a quality education for millions of people.

How do the educative centers beyond the Society of Jesus  reach work? Nowadays 758 million of adults don’t know either to write or to read and 263 children and teenagers don’t go to school. The Final Document of the GIAN network’s meeting on the right of education – which took place last October at Madrid – reports this violation of the right to education that occurs in most countries.

The aim of this Document from the network is to draw attention to our commitment duty to a quality education for everyone, which means “we must allocate more and better resources for the most marginalized, including the extreme poor, women and girls, the displaced, indigenous communities and those with special needs”, among other things.

Furthermore it reminds us that education is a public good and that the Society of Jesus assumes a joint responsibility from its educational practice with different countries and multilateral bodies when it comes to turn this right into reality. According to the document “the Society of Jesus manages a public good from our educational networks (through both formal and non-formal programs) and plays a critical role in ensuring this right.”

The Document concludes with a list of recommendations for action addressed to the new Governance Body of the Society, to the Provincials and the Jesuit Conferences and to the Jesuit Institutions overall.

The Document is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish clicking here.