What is the GIAN?

Global Ignatian Advocacy Network-GIAN is an initiative launched by the Society of Jesus that promotes various international advocacy networks focused on several themes: Ecology, Peace and Human Rights, Right to a quality education, Natural resources and minerals governance and Migrations. These networks bring together Jesuit organizations around the world.

What is the Right to a
Quality Education

We are a group of Jesuit organizations working in education projects and we have decided to join efforts and means in the advocacy field to promote the political and cultural changes needed to achieve the right to a life-long learning quality education for every person without any discrimination.


What is edujesuit

edujesuit is the communication and participation tool of the Right to a Quality Education of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN). It is a workspace where Jesuits and collaborators engaged in the defense and promotion of the right to education can share their experience and work together in order to achieve the universalization of this right encouraging awareness-raising actions, advocacy relations and dialogues with decision makers in the education field regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Lucía Rodríguez
Luis Ugalde, SJ.
Latin America and the Caribbean
Agustín Kalubi, SJ.
Ricardo Angulo
John Chathanatt, SJ. 
India and Nepal
Jorge Cardoso 
Giulia McPherson
Jesuit Refugee Service – USA
Bill Muller, SJ.
Canada and USA
Stefano Sartorello
Right to Education and Justice Observatory

contact on: info@edujesuit.org

Some of the new members of the core group at the Madrid Oct. 2016 meeting-