The post 2015 education Agenda in numbers: the EFA Report

The post 2015 education Agenda in numbers: the EFA Report

  • Posted: Jan 22, 2015 -
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Every year, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) publishes the Education For All Global Monitoring Report, also known as the EFA Report, in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of progress towards the six EFA goals set in Dakar at the World Education Forum. It takes stock of which countries did or did not make progress and whether stakeholders upheld their commitments. It discusses which factors influenced the pace of progress and identifies key lessons for shaping the post-2015 global education agenda.

The Report, which will be published predictably during the month of April and that we, from Edujesuit, will be very attentive, will contribute to evaluate the efforts about educations on which the 2015 Agenda will have to work about the Sustainable Development Goals that will be set up during this year.


Meanwhile, the latest Policy Paper is available in which they point out the cost that will be predictably implemented in education matters for the following Agenda and what it means for the expenses and incomes of the countries, depending on their GDP and based, above all, in pres scholar and primary education and not taking into account other essential expenses such as techers training and infraestructure provisions.

You can read some other assesments in the Policy Paper and have a look at other interesting documents in its Site.