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Yachay Wasi, The House of Knowledge

This program, directed by Fe y Alegría within the program “Rural Action Fe y Alegría” is projected as a model of peasant education that recovers the local knowledge to generate the transformation from the inside out, as a true social and educational revolution.


The main goal is to contribute to the integral formation of children, adolescents and young people: to provide training in values and ethics, generate comprehensive training focused on contributing to local development, prioritizing education of the female population, strengthen cultural identity, promote respect for the environment and generate a type of local leadership that contributes to the development of local communities.

What is it doing?

Fe y Alegría Bolivia responds to the emerging demands of the community by contributing to the strengthening of educational processes. The Houses of Knowledge are a proposal that is intimately linked to the communities, respecting the local organicity, educational culture and production of each context.


What they have achieved

The implementation of the Houses of Knowledge in Bolivia made an impact:

-Socio-productive formation: greater and better construction and equipment of technical training workshops, innovation of productive enterprises, water care through drip irrigation systems, and the development of student entrepreneurship projects.
-Commitment with the community: families have an active participation in educational processes.
-Incidence policy: in several municipalities is already institutional policy the provision of food to the Houses of Knowledge, as well as inter-institutional agreements with other schools and universities.
– Social Impact: promote the entry of girls and women, students who continued with tertiary education returned to their communities to generate change, and educators to participate in local politics.

Who is it doing it?

Rafael García Mora, sj, national director of Fe y Alegría Bolivia.

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