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Radio IRFEYAL José Maria Vélaz SJ

It was created on September 14, 2001, under the sponsorship of the “Andrés Bello Agreement”, the Agreements on Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Agreements 001 002 003 IRFEYAL-ECU-ITALY and the bilateral agreement between the Governments of Italy and Ecuador. Has extension in Rome, Geneva and Milan. It makes this educational work through IRFEYAL Radio.

Aims of the action

It provides an opportunity for the Latin American community in Italy to continue and finish secondary education that for various reasons could not be completed.

It is a school that provides after six years a Diploma in Business and Administration with a specialty in Computer Science.

How they do it

It offers the mode of study in blended learning to complete the elementary and secondary studies with a specialization in computer science for the whole Latino community. The study schedule is Saturday afternoon and all Sunday.

Teachers are collaborators, lay and religious goodwill professionals; they are responsible for take care of national identity, the conservation and enhancement of culture, implementing mechanisms that facilitate the integration in which he is living.

Our Educational Extension is autonomous, but dependent IRFEYAL-Ecuador, titles are given by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Ecuador.

Radio IRFEYAL is a radio that educates with classes “Master at home” and so with news, information, magazines dealing with geography, history, tourism; on ecology and health to improve our behaviors; interviews with professionals that guide for errands, and music.

Not only do we spread knowledge to grow intellectually, also those to grow emotionally and spiritually: human principles, values ​​and ethics, human development, for the integral development of individuals and the community. We propose to raise the level of consciousness.

Who makes it

Maria Luisa Berzosa, if. Roma and a team of educators.

Contact Details

  • Address: Via Leone XIII,6 Milan Italia
  • GPS: 45.4739542,9.161763500000006
  • Website: