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Students Home P. José Ribas – Fe y Alegría Ecuador

Initiative directed towards about 40 children and youngsters from 3rd grade to 3BGU who live in rural areas and have difficulties reaching the closest school because their homes are far from them. They provide accommodation, meals, support to do their homework and visit home and parent advisoring during the weekends.

Aim of the project

The Home is open from 1985 and it is located in a rural area called Recinto La Bramadora from the Canton El Carmen in Manabí Provence. Today they host 40 children and youngsters who used to live in very distant places although in its origins they also hosted teachers. In order to access an educative center they had to go walking through a long way getting up very early and coming back home late at night so they wouldn’t have time to do their homework, have proper meals or study. There is another student home located in the Esmeralda provence that is also promoted by Fe y Alegría Ecuador giving almost the same services but thay are independent and have different staff responsable for it.

What is it doing

In the afternoons after lunch and a short rest time it is homework time. For this task the manager Lucía and two Entreculturas volunteers support them and after the snack they have different activities to help their formation. Fe y Alegría- Ecuador makes the effort to keep up with this service. Due to lack of means, it is hard to have a proffesional team permanently- teachers that can be helpful with the tasks they have learnt in Fe y Alegría institutions. Up until last year they had a psicologist volunteering in the Home sothey could do a more integrated job. They also do children homes visits during the weekends and share tasks with the parents.

Whait it is achieved

After they have given support to hundreds of students in the provence since 1985, their dream is to have more educative materials: computers, didactical material, a well structured kitchen and fun spaces. Many of their hosted children have recieved honor mentions at their schools.

Who is doing it

The Home educative team and a short eventual team of volunteers.

Contact Details

  • Address: Calle Fe y Alegría S/n Barrio San Albano. Recinto La Bramadora. Cantón El Carmen Provincia Manabí -Ecuador
  • GPS: -0.2714362,-79.46476330000002
  • Phone: 0059353018356
  • Mobile Phone: 00593989282794
  • Website: