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Reach Education Action Program (REAP)

This programme promotes social transformation through 4 E’s – education, entitlement, employment and empowerment in the rural areas surrounding Mumbai, it combats illiteracy and ensure every child is in school and ensures quality education, sustainability, advocacy, on-going training and research. Beginning with adult literacy, awareness program, human rights, skill training, income generation and currently 200 Self-Help Groups, women are trained to be agents of social change in their community.

Aim of the project

REAP aims to promote and implement full child literacy in Mumbai and its surrounding rural areas. It also aims to confront the lack of adult literacy, principally amongst women in the more disadvantaged sections of society, empowering them to become providers of social change.

What it is doing

Children’s education: REAP’s intervention is two-fold: to ensure the right of every child to be in school and for those involved in child labour a programme to wean them away from it. This takes the form of a coordinated Literacy Programme with over 180 teaching staff working to improve the literacy of children in the slums and rural areas of Mumbai.

Women’s empowerment: REAP enters a slum or rural community through the child and ends up transforming the community.  REAP’s literacy movement for empowerment supports women rights and focuses on developing women to be decision-makers, self-reliant, assertive, fully liberated and able to transform the community.  Beginning with adult literacy, awareness programmes, legal aid, skill training and finally Self Help Groups (SHG’s) is a journey of growth and self-confidence.

Capacity building: To ensure the sustained quality of education, REAP is building the capacity of teachers with teacher training.

What it has achieved

REAP has 350 literacy centres up and running, with positive results reported from projects for example the ‘Operation Blackboard’ which between 2012 and 2013 gave a total of 187 classes to 3462 children along with the ‘Supplementary Class Program’ for students already enrolled in formal school, and a ‘Village School Integration program’, all of which were forecasted to expand in the 2013-2014 period due to popular demand. The Literacy Program as a whole has over 180 teachers working towards the improved literacy of the most vulnerable children in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. Over 200 self-help groups for women have been successfully carried out, along with capacity building and training of teachers in rural areas, both of which in turn have had positive effects on the education of the children in these communities.



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