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Programa Rural de Educación Bilingüe Intercultural por Radio (PREBIR)

It is a blended education program and radio of Fe y Alegría, aimed at young people and adults in rural and suburban areas, indigenous communities and persons deprived of their liberty.

Aim of the program

In the context of continuing education for youth and adults initiated by Fe y Alegría Paraguay in 1993. It is conceived and organized to enable young and adult population from rural and suburban areas to complete their basic education and to strengthen their development at a personal and community level. For this purpose we use a daily program of distance learning via radio that also uses written materials and weekly instructors backing, compatible with living in remote areas and in performing of work activities.

The program is originally structured in 10 semiannual cycles to complete the nine degrees of basic education. During the period of one year classes of all levels, organized by semesters, so that students can be enrolled in each cycle consecutive semesters, are offered; so, during the first half cycle classes 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are offered, and in the second half of the cycles 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. That is, the PREBIR makes it possible to study 9 years of primary education in five years.

Nowadays, in response to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education for approval of alternative education programs, the program is being restructured so the full basic training can be completed in one year less, that is, in 8 cycles instead of 10. Thus, a more attractive offer to the potential beneficiaries is achieved.

Program implementation is done by issuing 25 weekly radio programs of 30 minutes each, with a distribution of 5 weekly programs for each cycle. In addition, weekly meetings of participants with volunteer developers of the program for each community, so they monitor and reinforce weekly lessons.

The PREBIR is presented as a model of alternative distance learning for young population and adults out of school in rural and suburban areas. It does not only meet the curricular requirements of the Ministry of Education and Culture for basic education, but also emphasizes the comprehensive training that includes a special approach for civic, social, and critical student training. The aim is not only to alleviate the academic deficit, but also and, especially, the construction of communities based in alternative values. To do this it is necessary to defend the right of identity each people has, to defend multiculturalism, and to rescue the recently recognized official language of MERCOSUR: Guarani. Fighting individualistic and atomized society through the upgrading of social relations based on cooperation and solidarity, and by considering the natural dimension of man, and the necessary harmony in relations with the environment is also required.

It is a blended education program and radio of Fe y Alegría, aimed at young people and adults in rural and suburban areas, indigenous communities and persons deprived of their liberty. It is an alternative system of formal education that teaches people how to read and write not only books but also reality and thus provides tools for change, growth and personal and community liberation. It uses the ECCA system (Canarian Cultural Radio Station), a methodology based on three pillars: the radial class, modules and tutorials meetings

Initial Technical Education: To date there are three offers, Community Promoters in Preventive Health, Assistant in Basic Accounting and Social Promotion that enables participants to acquire basic tools in these areas of knowledge

 What it is achieved

Over 23 years of uninterrupted work in Paraguay working in 12 departments, 50 districts and 365 urban communities and Indigenous rural contexts, training people deprived from freedom on 7 prisons and Women Correctional, training over 5000 people in the country and creating a network of volunteers, allow us to state that since Fe y Alegría along with the Distance Blended Learning and radio Learning we are doing advocacy.


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