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FVDL- Bourj Hammoud school for refugee children

The Jesuit Refugee Service offers a 6 months Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) for refugee kids until they are accepted in the Lebanese public system.

Aim of the project

The team displayed in Bourj Hammoud tries to reduce the huge number of under aged refugees (around half a million) that are not attending schools at the moment in Lebanon. It is directed towards refugee kids (Syrian and Iraqis mainly) aged between 5 and 17 that do not have access to any official education program.

What is it doing

They have 500 students in our third 6 month session. They try to give them a holistic education in order to help their transition to public schools and their new situation in the host country.

What it is achieved

Since January 2014, when it started, they have managed to introduce more than 130 students in the Lebanese public system. Meanwhile they are assisting 500 students in the centre.

Who is doing it

Angel Benitez-Donoso sj, a psichologist and a small group of volunteers.

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