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Fundación Hogar de San José

What is it

When students have behaviours contravening the rules of coexistence of Schools, the corrective measures, more and more frequently involve expulsion from the School for a time down. The number of children involved in the program has increased every year, and this highlights one hand, the difficulty for some parents to accompany their children during the period of expulsion, and other obstacles of some parents so that corrective action can be educational (parent families, both parents work, difficulty in accompanying the learning process of their children, difficulties in control of the child, etc.).

 Aims of the action

Attend to young people driven out of their schools, and their families. Some of the students living in protection centers, not living with families.

How they do it

The length of the expulsion is variable; it may be a day or can get to one month, so the design of the work of each student needs an individual and personalized programming.

The residence time of the student in the program is divided into several stages, combining on a schedule from 9:00 to 13:30, Monday to Friday, the following areas: by performing school activities, handicrafts, computer and social skills which help them overcome the causes that have led to the expulsion.

The program is offered to families through schools in the city of Gijón, as well as various Associations of Parents, child protection resources and some units of Social Services.

The profile of young people who regularly attend the program is characterized by a low level of resistance to frustration, low self-esteem, poor social skills, hyperactivity, frequent changes of school, family crisis periods, continuing poor relationships with peers, the higher education institutions or families and school failure.

 Who makes it

Cipriano Díaz Marcos sj, with a team of educators.

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