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Foi et Joie Tchad

Providing formal and informal education to teachers, pre-school, primary and secondary school students, its activity is directed towards students, parents and teachers in 26 villages of the region of Guera and Ndjamena.

Aim of the project

Foi et Joie aims at providing quality education to people at the margins, especially those in rural areas of Chad, who do not have access to education. Basic education; learning to read, write and count, for those for students coming from difficult family backgrounds, so that they can become main actors of their own development – personal transformation and that of their communities and their country. Provide vocational training for the young people who have abandoned school so that they can insert into the labour market with some basic skills.

 What it´s doing

Foi et Joie has 26 public and community schools, forms community teacher, mostly volunteers from the community who do not have any prior pedagogic education. Accompanies students especially those having difficulties in their student and vulnerable students especially girls, through reading-writing camps. Formation and accompaniment of parents (including mothers) of students so that they can pursue their responsibilities at the education of their children. Support to state institutions in charge of national education through formation and accompaniment on pedagogic follow-up.

What it has achieved

In 8 years of existence, Foi et Joie Chad has succeeded to build 14 schools with 35 classrooms and 14 staff-rooms in 14 villages. Has the biggest library in the Guera région with more than 5000 books. In 3 years Foi et Joie has prepared about 1300 kids between 4 and 5 years in her 26 preschools and now has about 320 students doing early learning in 26 preschools. Has formed at least 400 teachers on pedagogic skills, in 2 academic years has accompanied directly at least 950 students in technics of reading and writing, has formed 54 young people in various fields for immersion into the labour market (auto and moto mechanics, cookery and hotel management, electricity, electronics, computers) and now forming about 80 young people in the same professional fields mentioned above including welding and tailoring.

Who makes it

Team of educators and volunteers.

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