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Fe y Alegría Venezuela Radio Institute

The project, promoted by Fe y Alegría, is designed to strengthen, develop and implement educational programs for adolescents, youth and adults, men and women, in confinement contexts. At the moment, the IRFAs (Fe y Alegría Radio Institutes) offer a blended education for young people and adults, men and women, through the use of a teaching and learning methodology adapted to the reality of each country and based on three elements: Module or printed text, radio classes and face-to-face tutorials. They also offer radio services through their stations of educational radios to contribute to the integral training of beneficiaries and to social promotion.


The goal is to promote a quality education that is inclusive, that attends to diversity, contributes to the integral development of the people and to the community, promoting the formation of free people and active citizens with critical awareness, knowledge, skills and values for impact on the improvement of their lives quality and the transformation of their environment.


What is it doing?

Adult Literacy: At the end of the process, participants should be able to read small sentences, write short sentences, associate numbers with amounts, and solve basic addition and subtraction exercises. This phase lasts one year. Once the process is completed, the participants are placed in the third semester, equivalent to the third grade of primary education. It should be noted that IRFA literacy has an autodidactic module and a weekly face-to-face session, where participants exchange knowledge and experiences with their facilitators.

Post-literacy: the continuation and completion of the primary education of the participants. This phase lasts for two years. Its culmination leads to the delivery of the sixth grade certificate, equivalent to that granted by the regular educational system.

Technical Secondary Education: corresponds to the baccalaureate level. It has a duration of 6 years and grants study certificates in the mentions of Accounting, Computer Science and Graphic Technology. Curricular construction is assumed under the competency approach.

What they have achieved

In 1975, IRFA Venezuela began to use radio for the operation of a formal education system directed at adults excluded from the Venezuelan educational system, combining classroom education and radio education. During these years, the IRFA has undergone successive transformations, firstly, its educational offer has spread throughout the territory, until reaching an enrollment of 26,731 students by the end of 2013. But the most outstanding has been its pedagogical innovations, since it extended its educational offer to different levels and modalities.


Who is it doing it?

Fe y Alegría Venezuela

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