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ECCA Radio

This centre aims to accompany arabic women from the town of Mogán in the learning process of Spanish language and literacy to facilitate their integration in the social environment in which they are living.

The initiative arose from the need to accompany Arabic women population from the town of Mogán and their environment. Later, other women from other nationalities have joined the program. Its educative method is the ECCA system, founded in three pillars: radio broadcasting, where women listen together, the teaching materials, designed by ECCA Radio experts; and on site tutorials.

What is doing

ECCA Radio is firm in its mission to approach training programmes to the most marginalized and so it sensed the need of literacy in the female population of the Arabic community who was settled in the town of Mogán. When these women got close to the ECCA Radio centers they found some difficulties: their unawareness of the language, onsite tutorials were on the afternoons when they need to take care of their children, and the mixed groups which meant a cultural barrier. This made ECCA Radio to make up specific groups for them; only women, in the mornings and with adapatations to people whose mother tongue was not Spanish. It is worth highlighting the work of an Arabic woman volunteer, who, handling the communication tools of Spanish language, was able to invigorate the whole group. This collaborator, coming from saharan camps, she is qualifed and she is currently attending the Secondary Education Degree with ECCA Radio.

What it is achieved

From the particularities of the students, the learning system adapts to the learning rythm of them and the training actions are displayed through various schooling periods. The groups have been growing gradually and the average of the classes is seven women per class. The students have gained confidence and autonomy; some of them attending to extra curricular activities that have been proposed through the school year.

Who is doing it

A team of experts in different fields such as education and social work with Jesuits like Lucas Lopez Pérez SJ as General Manager of the centre.

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