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Diocesan Association “House of Hope”


This program, run by the Diocesan Association “House of Hope”, has tried, since 1977, to fulfill their purpose: family and social reintegration of the children and youth that live in prison. They work in the streets, where children don’t have a home and sleep in the open; they work in their houses, where they support them. They also have houses for them to stabilize, and they also work in the youth module of the Central Prison of Yaoundé.

Aim of the project

The aim of the association is that the youth that live in the prison can spend their time in a more positive way, with the goal of getting them prepared for a better family and social reintegration.

What it is doing

Education it’s a right for all children, therefore they have created a primary school and a secondary school to prepare them for the exams. All professors are inmates, except for some volunteers that come from outside. They support them preparing two meals per week for all minors; and they sometimes give them breakfast.

During the year, a group of at least 20 young inmates are taken to a home where they can play, wash themselves, read and call their families. They have a good meal before going back to prison.

Because the cameroonian justice system is not very effective, they help the minors with their paperwork, their sentences and to know their rights.

What it has achieved

During all the years they have been doing this work, they have been able to help many children and youth. Some of them have finished their studies and even started tertiary education. The situation of the minors living in prison has improved.

Who is doing it (si hay datos sobre team/leader…)

Alfonso Ruiz Marrodán sj, coordinator of the “House of Hope” Diocesan association.

Contact Details

  • Address: youndee prison centrale cameroon
  • GPS: 3.8554424,11.542389500000013