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Cristo Rey Network

The Cristo Rey Network integrates four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through the Corporate Work Study Program. Comprised of 32 Catholic, college preparatory schools that today serve more than 10,700 students across 21 states and DC and collectively claim 11,500 graduates, the Cristo Rey Network delivers a powerful and innovative approach to inner-city education that equips students from economically-disadvantaged families with the knowledge, character, and skills to transform their lives.

Aim of the project

The Cristo Rey Network offers a wide range of support for graduates on their path to and through college:

  • Alumni Advising: The Cristo Rey Network is at the forefront of the alumni support field developing within the higher education landscape. More than half of our schools employ full-time alumni advisors who work with seniors from the second semester of their senior year through their college commencement, providing a range of support, advocacy, and connectivity to Cristo Rey graduates that helps ensure their college persistence and completion.
  • Alumni Tracking and Support: The Cristo Rey Network has enhanced the alumni data collection and management efforts through the implementation of AlumniConnect, a platform that provides Alumni Advisors with a robust system for tracking and supporting graduates during college by tailoring outreach and intervention strategies to keep alumni on track towards their degree.
  • On campus programming by University Partners: The Cristo Rey Network has formed and developed strategic partnerships with 45 University Partners that offer competitive financial aid packages and/or programming geared to and supportive of first generation and low-income students on campus.
  • Scholarships: In spring 2016, the Cristo Rey Network announced the Cristo Rey Howley Scholarship Program, a collaboration with The Howley Family Foundation that awards approximately $1 million of supplemental four-year grants to Cristo Rey high school graduates enrolling in University Partner schools to help ensure that they have the necessary financial resources to graduate from college.

What it is doing

Cristo Rey Network ofrece una amplia gama de apoyo a los graduados en su camino hacia, y a través, de la universidad: – Asesoramiento a los alumnos: Cristo Rey Network está a la vanguardia en el apoyo a los ex alumnos en el ámbito de la educación universitaria. Más de la mitad de nuestras escuelas emplean a asesores de antiguos alumnos que trabajan brindando apoyo a los graduados ​​de Cristo Rey. – Seguimiento y apoyo de los alumnos: ha mejorado la recopilación de datos y los esfuerzos de gestión de los ex alumnos mediante la implementación de AlumniConnect, una plataforma que provee a los alumnos asesores un sólido sistema para rastrear y apoyar a los graduados durante la universidad. – En la programación del campus por socios universitarios: Cristo Rey Network ha formado y desarrollado asociaciones estratégicas con 45 socios universitarios que ofrecen paquetes de ayuda financiera y/o programación competitiva orientada y apoyando a estudiantes de primera generación y de bajos ingresos en el campus. – Becas: En la primavera de 2016, Cristo Rey anunció el Programa de Becas Cristo Rey Howley, una colaboración con The Howley Family Foundation que otorga aproximadamente 1 millón de dólares de subsidios suplementarios de cuatro años a los graduados de Cristo Rey para que tengan los recursos financieros necesarios para ir a la universidad.

What it has achieved

For the classes of 2008-2014, 88% percent of Cristo Rey graduates enrolled in college, which is 1.3x the rate low-income high school graduates (64%) and more than the total high-income population (81%). For the classes of 2008-2010, Cristo Rey graduates completed Bachelor’s degrees (34%) at 2.5 times the rate of high school graduates from low-income families nationwide (15%). For the class of 2020, we have an ambitious 70% six-year college completion rate at a four-year institution—comparable to expected graduation rates for children from high-income families.


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