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Spanish Coalition for the Global Campaign for Education

Through awareness campaigns, mainly directed to the spanish educative community and advocacy in public policies of cooperation and education, it aims to achieve universal education to be real and effective.

The Global Campaign for Education is an international coalition that consists of NGOs, trade unions related to education, schools and various social movements. Its goal is to claim full compliance with the education commitments of the “Dakar Summit” (Senegal) of 2000, where the international community pledged to ensure access to quality education for everyone before 2015  and to mobilize citizens to demand that their governments and the international community fulfill their promises and take responsibility for the fate of millions of people who are excluded from the right of education.

The Spanish Coalition for the Education Global Campaign (Coalición Española de la Campaña Mundial por la Educación)  is formed by ActionAid, Educo and Entreculturas, who assumes the coordination of it.

Aim of the program

It wants to make universal education real and effective through a process of sensi, mainly in the educational community, and influence education and cooperation public policies.

What it is doing

Elaboration of awareness materials and distribute it through primary and secondary schools as well as teachers training , mobilization during the Global Week of Action for Education, diffusion through social networks and the media and public advocacy. Besides it, through lobbying, they are trying to make education be in the Spanish Cooperation Agenda.

What it is achieved

Reach 700 schools and students so pupils learn about the right to education in the world and how they can contribute to claim it. Great impact in Spanish media. Making education for all part of the political agenda of the Spanish cooperation. They have been also invited to different discussion forums about the Post 2015 Education Agenda. Furthermore, in may 2014, the Spanish Coalition Team was recieved by the General Secretary of International Development Cooperation and Vicepresident of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development.


Contact Details

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