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Centre Culturel Loyola

Our efforts are centred in consolidating the achievements and opening new perspectives to allow the CCL to devote itself more effectively towards the completion of its primary goal: the integral human formation. In order to do this, we are going to focus on the Ignatian way of living in our community with and for the young people so that the motto of the centre –a better youth for a prosperous Togo- becomes a reality in the short, medium and long term. This way of reception, listening and personal or group assistance will support our different intellectual, cultural, sporting and spiritual activities.

From the youngest to the oldest, everyone comes to the centre. The centre is open to anyone who wants to be educated… A warm welcome awaits the most vulnerable who are the priority of the centre’s educational approach.


Aim of the project

A better youth for a prosperous Togo- this requires an integral human formation. For this to become a reality in the short, medium and long term the CCL offers reception, listening and personal or group assistance spaces to the young people and all the rest of the users. Our different intellectual, cultural, sporting and spiritual activities are supported by the Jesuit way of inhabiting and transforming the world: contemplate, discern, act and review.

What it´s doing

Music Room
The educational spirit of music makes it an awareness and integral formation channel for and from the young people and for the rest of the society. The theory of music and how to play an instrument are taught progressively, seriously, with patience and discipline.

It has more than 6000 books that cover many different topics that are useful for school and university investigation. The access to the documents is conditioned by an annual subscription that depends on the level of studies. The library opens its doors from Monday to Saturday.
Computer room
It is equipped with 20 computers and all of them are connected to the internet. In the computer room they currently offer at least one computer science class per month. It is at the public’s disposition in order to investigate and they have recently set an internet café as well.
Sports complex
The CLL has a sports complex that counts with a football court made out of grass, a changing room and basketball and volleyball courts. The centre rents all these facilities to natural and legal persons (associations, NGO’s, religious organisms…) that want to do public or private manifestations. The gym is now available as it has been recently equipped.
Mushroom-growing Project
An intellectual contest called “Reina Loyola” has been set. The name makes reference to the initiatives of that young woman that created the Project of mushroom-growing that has been adopted.
Recreational space for kids
A space that has been created to Foster children on Saturdays and Sundays from 16:00 to 18:00.
Conference rooms
The CCL makes publicly available its conference rooms, meeting rooms and a great polyvalent hall.

What it has achieve

Students and pupils are accompanied in the library of the centre. There is a group of vulnerable students in particular that are accompanied by the centre and that meet the second Sunday of each month. These meetings have two parts: the revision of all the things they have done and their resting time in the playing room of the centre or in the playground for kids.

Also, other students and especially vulnerable students are accompanied as well and they have their meetings every last Sunday of the month for their human, intellectual and spiritual training. They are accompanied in this process by Father Tito Víctor, Director of the Centre Culturel Loyola. There is also a group of young trainees in sewing, hairdressing and many other professions that meet the first Monday of every month. They are accompanied by the Director of the Centre. Music and computer classes are also offered. There is a project currently under way on fungiculture.

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