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Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center (APC)

It provides basic education that serves as the foundation for the life-long learning of indigenous children and youth in rural and urban levels (Barangay Busdi and Malaybalay City), guides students in their learning experiences in their community life and facilitates holistic development as individuals capable of managing the community’s resources, sustaining their livelihood, governing their community as Indigenous Peoples, and engaging with society with equity and integrity.

The APC is a non-stock, non-profit institution that focuses on providing culture-based education primarily to Pulangiyen communities, the Indigenous Peoples in Upper Pulangi.


The APC school adheres to a needs-based and culture-based education.   It emphasizes the importance of making education accessible to indigenous cultural communities and in making the education system responsive to the needs of the people. The school also recognizes the importance of integrating the community’s knowledge system and way of life in the school curriculum to sustain the culture and tradition of the Pulangiyen and develop respect for and pride in their cultural heritage among the children and youth.

Aim of the initiative

The mission of APC is to provide an integrated and holistic education program for indigenous children and youth in the Upper Pulangi area in northern Mindanao in the Philippines. It aims to promote and deepen cultural understanding while providing knowledge and skills that enable the children to confidently relate with mainstream Philippine society, advance in the formal education ladder, and engage with the technological advancements of the global community while gaining greater objectivity of the Pulangiyen culture.

What it is doing

APC primarily focuses on the education of the elementary students in Bendum and in the neighbouring communities. Capacity-building is also given to the teachers in school based on their needs. Skills training programs and courses are also offered to the indigenous youth which aims for life sustainability vis-à-vis environmental preservation. The entire community is involved in managing the water system and establishing preventive health care system.

What it has achieved

APC is currently offering pre-school and primary education in Sitio Bendum and in the neighbouring communities which implements culture-based education. The local language (Pulangiyen) is the primary medium of instruction and the contents of the subjects are anchored in their environment, culture and tradition.

Satellite schools providing kindergarten education were recently opened in four other villages. We are planning to open Senior High School next year. We are also working on providing culture-based tertiary education to youth and adults who desire to proceed to higher education and aim to help their community.

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