We are commited to making the right to a quality education a reality for everyone around the world and it will only be achieved by working together. In order to do so, there are a number of things you can do to participate in Edujesuit:

1 – Reflect and position yourself

A group of Jesuit organizations who work in education from the different conferences, under the leadership of SJES, have created a positioning document (available in four languages) about the right to education born from the contemplation of the educative reality in our world and as response of the no.35 General Congregation call to all the Ignatian family to promote advocacy as a new dimension of our apostolic mission.

This positioning document is live and open to discussion, so we invite you to read it individually or as a community and improve it with your contributions. In order to do so, please send your comments to info@edujesuit.org

Download the discussion document

2 – Share an educative initiative

In order to make sense of this network and help it become a global one, we are recording the vast number of educative initiatives that are taking place around the world with different and vulnerable collectives such as working minors, refugee population, sexually abused girls and women, imprisoned persons…Here you can have a look at the various collectives and initiatives already part of our map.

If your institution or project is currently working in an educative project that meets these characteristics, please fill in the following document and join the map. It will only take a moment.

The more people we join together, the louder our voice will be, and the better we will be heard by society and decision makers.

Visit the map

Join the map

3 – Tell your own story

There are many people, Jesuits as well as collaborators, who promote and participate in educative projects in the harshest environments, and we find it is highly important to share the personal changes, challenges and rewards you have achieved in order to build a strong network and a real connection. If this is your case, let your own experience reach us by writing a post in the VOICES site relating the contribution your institution has made or the progresses and changes you or your community have achieved. Here you will find a short guideline to help your write your post, send it to us and we will let you know as soon as we post it. Take a look at other previous voices that we have heard.

Download guideline

Send us your post

4 – Become a volunteer

We need to reach the greatest number of people in order to make this network stronger and in order to do so we cannot let the language interfere in it and that is why we need volunteers to help us translate posts and initiatives. We need to help bring closer those who are concerned and working for the right to education for all.

Send us an email and help us keep the maintenance of this network.

Send us an email and take part on Edujesuit

5 – Spread the word

Here you will find a presentation about the right to quality education for all as well as a brochure with the main messages conceived to be discussed in team groups. Also, we provide you with a series of international documents related to education in various institutions of reference in this matter.

In order to generate a strong network for the right to quality education for all we need awareness agents that are able to spread the word about this initiative. To do so, Edujesuit we will generate a series of learning packs. Let us know your email address and we will keep you updated.