INTERNATIONAL ACTIONS AT 2019 Global Action Week for Education

INTERNATIONAL ACTIONS AT 2019 Global Action Week for Education

  • Posted: Jan 29, 2019 -
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Global Action Week for Education constitutes one of the cornerstones of the education movement. Launched and led by the Global Campaign for Education, it is a platform that offers the opportunity to carry out specific activities to bring about change and bring the whole world together for the same cause. It involves four regional networks including 91 countries and around 120 organizations.

The #EducationDay, is celebrated today, January 24th all over the world and, in this article, we would like to highlight some of the several actions that have been launched across the globe:



In Europe, apart from the actions that have been promoted in Spain by Entreculturas and some other NGOS, some of the most important projects are the following:

In Whales a research issue has been proposed celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Warnock Report. This research calls for papers addressing a wide range of issues on the importance of responding to special educational needs. There are also campaigns promoted by the Department of Education of the Government of the United Kingdom. These include a strong social media presence by means of videos and multimedia content from the Education Leads to Empowerment campaign.

UKAid has opted for social media campaigns to publicize International Education Day; following this mechanism, Save the Children Denmark celebrates the day by sharing some images with its followers.

In the USA, initiatives such as the Ingnatians for Peace and Justice Club of Cleveland has initiated the Red Chair Project to raise awareness of the challenges in education that exist today.


One African Child, Sustainable Development (ESD) & Global Citizenship Education (GCED) work to promote a better life for children from low-income communities in both Nigeria and Kenya. Through their platforms, they are running an interesting campaign in schools in cities like Lagos in order to improve the education levels and opportunities in the area.

In Kenya, organisations such as GRoots have held small discussions on the importance of girls’ education for a better future. Also, in some schools in the country have celebrated this special day with their students.

Along the same lines as Kenyans, in Nigeria, Nigerian Youth for Education has also generated a small online debate to analyze the role of education in society. Similarly, the Nigerian civic organization BudgIT has used the day to formulate a Freedom of Information request to the Universal Basic Education Commission.


In Asia-Pacific countries, the Asia Child Rights Coalition has promoted the day by publishing a review of sustainable development goals in relation to quality education.

For its part, the United Nations office in Vietnam on International Education Day promotes the education and training of women and girls in a special way.

Some institutions in Pakistan’s Punjab province published today: @SchoolEduPunjab First United Nations International Education Day is celebrated today all over the world. GOPunjabPK and the Department of School Education stand firmly in their determination to provide inclusive, equitable and quality education to all children in the province.



In Jordan, Queen Rania has published on the networks an image in which she participates with students from a school in an event related to International Education Day. In this line, the United Nations headquarters in Palestine recall their work to promote the right to education through the reconstruction and construction of educational institutions in Gaza with the collaboration of Qatar.

Finally, the Qatari network AlJazeera has posted an inspiring video in which Ken Robinson talks about creativity and education.