Ghada,  Syrian refugee student in Lebanon

Ghada, Syrian refugee student in Lebanon

  • Posted: Jun 20, 2015 -
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” (…) I really like school. I miss my friends and teachers when I am home. I really like school. (…) my favorite thing in school is when we I have class of drawing, music or sports. We all play and sing together, we have a lot of fun. (…)”

“First I was thinking we would be here one or two months. Now I’m here for so long. It feels endless”

This is the testimony of Ghada, a 13 years old girl from Aleppo, Syria who had to move to Lebanon one year ago because her father lost his job due to the Syrian crisis.

How can a country educate every child when its population has expanded by 25% in less than four years?  To address the needs of Syrian refugee students, some Lebanese schools have two shifts to double their capacity. Others have to turn people away. In communities around the country, from the Bekaa Valley to the Mediterranean coast, the Jesuit Refugee Service is creating schools for Syrian children in areas where educational opportunities weren’t previously available. Currently they run three schools that are a reality thanks to inter religional cooperation, since, for example, one of them is inside a mosque. In fact, the imam of the town acknowledged “Regardless of the child’s religious upbringing, we have to make educational and cultural opportunities available to them.”