Expedita, 87 years old: “Studying gives me life”

Expedita, 87 years old: “Studying gives me life”

  • Posted: Jul 20, 2016 -
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Expedita, as the relatives call her, whose name is Gregoria Garcia Castellano is 87 years old and she is studying popular culture in Radio ECCA. She lives in a Moya neighbourhood, Fontanales (Canary Islands, Spain), in the suburbs, where the car does not get there. Her daughter Ana and her granddaughter Noelia, who have been Radio ECCA students before, encouraged her to enrol. Expedita said she couldn’t, but her granddaughter knew that studying would make her feel active again and she could, of course she could.
After two years, she is between the 3rd and 4th year and this year she will study 5th of primary she says that she feels good,

“I feel more courageous. After all I thank my granddaughter”.

Expedita is still doing home tasks, but as she ends, she begins to study. She tells that she is studying at the kitchen table and after dinner, she reviews the exercises. She dedicates her free time to study in Radio ECCA.

“I’m entertained and it gives me a lot of encouragement. I like everything”, she confesses.

When she doesn’t know how to do something, her granddaughter, who is studying a more advanced course, explains her. Her tutor, Isabel, said she is an example of will and enthusiasm. She is an example for the youth. Mathematics is the harder for her. She says that the Roman numerals are very difficult; she knew them before from the church but she hadn’t worked them and now she says, now “I know what they are”.

The right to education begins at birth and continues throughout the whole life; therefore, the learning concept throughout the whole life guides to Education 2030. To complement and supplement the formal schooling, must be offered extensive and flexible educational opportunities throughout the whole life through non-formal ways, with appropriate resources and mechanisms and through the stimulation of informal learning, including through the use of ICT (Unesco Framework for Action 2030). There is no age to study. “It gives me life”, says Expedita.