Chefa, a literated woman in a Fe y Alegría Perú Programme

Chefa, a literated woman in a Fe y Alegría Perú Programme

  • Posted: Mar 30, 2015 -
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“I was born in Bajo Piura and I am now 68 years old. And I had a very sad childhood, very sad. I never played with toys, I never knew what games were, and it was only work and work.

I didn’t go to school either, never even saw a school, because this was normal in the countryside. For me it was normal that we lived like this, we didn’t go to school…‘this is how it will be!’ I said to myself, but we didn’t even have the faintest idea of what our parents would send us to school for. For me it was normal. I didn’t have a way out because I didn’t understand and I didn’t know, for me it was a given that that was how it would be, and that’s how it was.

After having this childhood, this youth of being slaves, from all this darkness, and all this hardship, the reformation came. And we mobilized ourselves, I have seen total change here, I began to see that life wasn’t the way I had thought.

Then, I began to learn, little by little, I learnt, how happy it made me! Because I was learning the ‘a’, the ‘b’, even joining syllables! They taught me what syllables were… me, what did I know of syllables! I wrote my name… I learnt to read letter by letter, and there it was, an entire word! How amazing! This was I say, for me, my birth. A rich, rich, rich birth because I already learnt to read, and now I’m advancing, advancing, advancing, now I know so many things. I have been a midwife, I’ve saved children, and now I am rich in comparison to what I had as a child. Now I am. I am proud of what I know.”