6th World Assembly on Education concludes with new President and new Board

6th World Assembly on Education concludes with new President and new Board

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The second and third days of the World Assembly have been crucial for the movement to determine its collective structure and strategic approach. The Global Campaign for Education strategic plan and policy proposals adopted at the World Assembly will define how the movement will continue to progress towards its goals over the upcoming years.

During Saturday the new strategic plan which will set out the central objectives, priorities and goals of the organization for the next four years (2019-2022) was shaped. GCE’s political positions were also shaped and the current Constitution was revised to propose amendments. A key moment of the Assembly, which also took place on Saturday, was the election of the new GCE President and Board. And one of the amendments passed during this Assembly has been the creation of a seat on the Board of Directors for a youth organization.


New President

A new elected president, Refat Sabbah, the Secretary General of the Arab Campaign for Education for All (ACEA), takes the initiative to lead the movement towards a transformative, sustainable and fair future, and to ensure the strengthening of collective efforts to hold governments accountable for quality free public education worldwide.

Throughout my life, I have received immense support from my friends and colleagues, whom I consider role models and who play an important role in this growing movement.  I will do everything I can to achieve the just transition that we are all striving for. We still need you and depend on all of you to advise, guide and promote the movement in your regions and national coalitions. I am committed to serving you all and taking the movement to the next level” said Refaat Quote, President of the Global Campaign for Education.

Elected on November 17 at the 6th World Assembly by an overwhelming majority, Sabbah will provide overall strategic direction for the next four years. Refaat Sabbah, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lifelong activist for human rights and education. He is the Director General and Founder of the Center for Teacher Creativity in Palestine, the President of the Arab Network for Civic Education (ANHRE), and has served on the GCE board since 2015. Refaat also founded ACEA, which represents eleven national education coalitions and three regional coalitions from Arabic-speaking countries.

Over the years, the movement has been led by incredible leaders, from the first Kailash Satyarthi to Camilla Croso, who has served since 2011 (re-elected for the second time in 2015). These crucial elections of both President and Board Members determine the direction of the movement for the coming years.

The coordinator of the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE) and outgoing Chairperson Camilla Croso added that “being President of this global and diverse movement has been an honor and a pleasure. I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the collective commitment to economic, social and environmental justice, as well as human rights. At this World Assembly we face challenges and celebrate successes, yet we know that tangible action is still required to ensure a truly transformed education system. I am proud to have walked this journey with all of you and now I leave you in the hands of Refat Sabaah to guide us towards a future that guarantees a good quality public education for all.”


New Board

During this 6th world assembly, GCE constituencies elected their new members and board members.

Mr Samuel Dembele (ANCEFA) has been appointed Chairman of the Board. Samuel Dembele is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Network of the Education for All Campaign (ANCEFA; since November 2015), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Coalition of Education for All in Burkina Faso (CN-ÉPT BF; since April 2014) and General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers for Secondary and High Education (SNESS; since 2010).

Ms Madeleine Zuniga of the Peruvian Campaign for the Right to Education is the new Vice President and Mr Mugwena Malukele of Education International (EI) has been elected as Vice Chair.


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